20 January 2014

And what about some 2013 photographs, too? For good measure?

My brother and my sister in law at their medical school graduation. Because they are DOCTORS. My sister and my adorable nieces (both). Just because. Elliot wearing Duncan's cap and gown, over there on the left.
Here's a bunch of boys jumping into a pool. That happened.
I went snowboarding exactly one (1) time.
I finally learned how to do a sock bun!!
I finally finished my tattoo!! Although, this is not actually a finished picture. This is the most finished picture I have, however. There's something going on with the moon that's not as pictured. Go with it.
I did as much Gabriel-ing as possible. We had kind of a hard year.
Although the weather was magic.
My niece you guys.
I went to Vegas! Did some unapologetic bikini wearing because I have no fucks to give, that's why.
We got a new cat. His name is Kevin.

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