28 September 2012

I'm going to write a blog post about curtains.

The weird thing about stepping away from your blog is how hard it is to come back.
I want to tell you how infuriating curtains are, but to do that I would have to explain that I moved again, and if I'm telling you about how I moved I should probably tell you why and then I need to provide some job backstory and talking about my job brings me around to my social life and some very bad things have happened to some of my very good friends but none of that is my story to tell so I can't really tell it but it's hard to explain how anxious and on edge and FURIOUS WITH THE WORLD I've been without telling these stories that aren't mine and before I know it I'm shutting my browser down again because no one really wants to hear about curtains.

And this is probably true.

I doubt any of you want to hear about curtains.


The house I'm living in now is my first experience with moving somewhere that has no curtains or mounting hardware or anything whatsoever.

Do you know what I did not know?

Curtains. Are fucking expensive.

In order to get like, regular quality curtains and not super-janky rods/hardware for JUST my bedroom and the living room, that would be like...close to a $1000. That sucks.

I found some curtain rods on sale at Cost Plus, and I bought some cheap Target curtains that I don't really like that much and I spent....$300. On curtains for two rooms.  This is such a deeply dissatisfying purchase to make.  It's not like a new couch or a TV or something that I'm going to sit around and actively enjoy. I'm not going to gaze fondly at my curtains. I don't even really LIKE my curtains. I just like them more than the extra money I was going to have to spend to buy ones I like.

Why are curtains such a racket?