10 June 2009

In retrospect, it could be the layers

USING MY CRAPPY WEBCAM CAMERA, here are photos to explain this tweet:
So. I kept getting treated a little too-obviously as a college student, when I emphatically am not. I think it's because I allowed my 3-year-old to pick out my clothes.
Photo 87
Old Navy cardigan & t-shirt, three dots dress, black leggings.

Without the cardigan:
Photo 88
Why I need to wear a shirt over the dress (serious boobage):
Photo 89
And since I think I look sort of mannish and frumpy in the face in all of these pics, here's a gratuitous close-up:
Photo 91

Tra La La The End


  1. Who knew that copious layers of clothing is the equivalent of the "talk to me" sign? Sorry you had to deal with that. Cute dress, by the way.:)

  2. Okay the dress is cute! Should wear it with a tanktop underneath to cover 'the girls' some.

  3. Does it help that I think you are cute regardless?

    No? Okay, then. Never mind.

    *trudges off*


  4. The tanktop underneath doesn't work cuz the dress is really clingy. I've tried. It's just a boob dress.

  5. What? You're not in college? I was soooo off on that one... :-)

  6. Rawr. What's wrong with the boob dress by itself, hm?

  7. You know...having people assume your YOUNG and everything just doesn't sound like a bad thing to me.


  8. I'm with Avitable; just wear the dress on its own. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!

  9. Found you on "The Bloggess" and am in accord with Avitable (man I wish I could deny that) What's wrong with just the dress? It looks awesome!

  10. Just the dress means people might go beyond TALKING to me, they might, yknow, hit on me or something. While I'm at work? Gah!

    Also, I don't need the old man boss ogling my teets.

  11. Aint nuttin frumpy bout you yo.

    I would NEVER let one of the kids pick my clothes...and I could not even give a shit what I look like...it is just that they would make me look like a jerk ...for fun

  12. Well, Gabriel obviously has good taste, just not age appropriate!

  13. I tend to have younger-looking clothes myself. Maybe it's cause I buy everything from Forever 21 (or as Tim calls it, Almost 27). I'm guessing it needs to stop because I often hear that I look 12. ...so I guess that means everyone is dyslexic?

  14. Um, I thought you were looking to end your dry spell. Show the tits, girl!

  15. you do look pretty young regardless!

    a fancier cardigan or w/e might work better for work.