09 August 2012


I have a niece!
My first niece ever!
Baby Susannah was born at 2:57am on Sunday, July 22, 2012. 9lbs, 7oz, 20" long, ridiculously perfect.
Susannah, 8 hours old and already looking like a perfect infant baby.
Seriously, look at that baby.
She came into this world all full of chub and adorableness.
Baby Susannah
She's pretty great.
The kids are all crazy for her.
Everyone's crazy for her.
She's adorable.
Gabriel agrees.
Gabriel is rather fond of her.
Spent all day snuggling the niece.
I stole a baby.
I have another niece set to arrive at the end of next month.
I get two nieces!!
My two nieces get to be the same age and have all kinds of good cousin times growing up together!
I disappeared to the East Coast for awhile.
I started with Molly and Lora in Philadelphia.
I found my bar guys!
Super fun night involving ill-advised shots of whiskey, an almost-bar-fight between us and some regulars with a two-foot-long-pair of gardening sheers (defending the honor of Molly's laugh), karaoke, and that time I had the bartender turn on the Giants/Dodgers game. In Philly.
I wandered over to Matt in Hartford.
And you thought *I* had a big head
I ended up at BlogHer in New York City.
Awkward unsolicited lunchtime photography. Julia is thrilled.
Serious picture is serious. Spent all my spending money on costume jewelry and makeup. Because of course I did.
Yeah, I was at BlogHer, albeit quietly.
I've been going to the conference since 2008, and this was the first year that I didn't really know why I was there.
I'm not much of a blogger these days, I don't have much interest in fame-ishness,  I see most of my internetty friends at other times throughout the year.
I'm not saying I regret going, cuz I totally don't, and I love hugging people and dressing up and watching 413 hours of Olympic Volleyball in the hotel bar, but I'm not sure it's my favorite way to spend my money anymore.
I guess I'm getting old?
I passed the first section of the CPA exam that I took in July!  I have three more to go; the next one is next Tuesday. I want to get this DONE, but I am so comically bad at studying.
In fact, guess what I'm not doing right this minute?
Yeah, that's right.
Because the next section is regulation (read: taxes), and the IRS is stupid. You heard it hear first.
First day of full time worky worky is next Wednesday.
I'm excited about my life.
Weird as it sounds, I really love accounting.
I do!