26 April 2012


*tap tap*


Is this thing on?

Where the hell have I been, anyways?

Well classes started back up a couple weeks ago, and it turns out they're taking most of my time and energy.  Not in a particularly enjoyable way, but I just have to make it till July 6 without failing anything and I'm home free with my degree in hand.

I got my tattoo worked on, again.  Taking forever, is it not? 
Tattoo Appointment Seven
Tattoo Appointment Seven
Looking great, does it not?
What remains: the other half of my trees, allegedly the moon, although I'm not actually sure what is happening with the moon.
I ceded control long ago.

I've been buying lots of clothes that are too young for me in the juniors section. Cuz....everyone needs a too-short polka dot dress?
Or two?
The nice thing about not dressing my age is that the clothes are all a lot cheaper.
I'm probably having a 1/3 life crisis or something.

Little League is still going. Gabriel is still the cutest Met I've ever seen in my life.

Plus, hopscotch!

Bought a bunch of Kardashian Kolors nail polish. This is Rainbow in the S-Kylie.
I wasn't kidding about that 1/3 life crisis.

Hey you know what I did last Friday? I saw Jenny do a reading/signing/book tour thing up in Corte Madera.
I'm not looking at the camera because I'm not wearing my glasses, and without my glasses I have only limited seeing skills.
Jenny's so awesome.
Buy her book.

My mom bought me a new (used) couch from the Salvation Army.
I love it.

So what's new guys?
What have I been missing?

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  1. That couch is awesome. I love the space it's in. That tattoo is leaving me speechless. What a work of art. And your boy is beautiful.