15 September 2010

My Uncle Herb

Herb Johnston

This is my great-great-uncle Herb.  He's my dad's dad's DAD's brother (you got that?).  He was a dog sledding, fur trapping, walrus hunting, fishermanning, Alaskan explorer dude. 

There are all sorts of animals and faces and trinkets that he carved out of walrus ivory, hiding in the hutch and sitting on window sills at our house. 
There's also a walrus skull in the back of my parents' closet, just waiting for an 8-year-old to unknowingly run her hand over its eye sockets when she stows away in her parents' pitch dark closet during a game of hide-and-go-seek.
It. Is. Terrifying. As I've mentioned before.

I never met my uncle Herb. 
My dad remembers him fondly.
So does my grandfather.
So did my great-grandfather.
He sounds like he was a pretty good guy.

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