12 April 2010

Life List: Learn How to Play Poker

You might not even realize that I have a Life List, because, um. I never talk about it? Or do anything on it? Yeah....
Julia made one and has been all HURRAH about knocking stuff out, and frankly, I was jealous.
Learn How to Play Poker
Step one was finding out which of my friends know how to play poker themselves (you may remember this random and unexplained facebook/twitter query - now you know why).
Julia wanted to learn how to shuffle cards* so we decided to combine these items into one night of unmitigated awesomeness.

*She kept saying that she wanted to learn how to shuffle cards "the fancy way," but it turns out that she just meant "learn how to shuffle cards AT ALL."

Daniel! Daniel knows how to play poker, and, bonus, is my friend, and double bonus, has like, 'poker chips' or whatever.

I would explain how tragically obnoxious it must have been to even attempt to teach Julia and me how to do ANYTHING AT ALL, but! Video! Please to be enjoying these videos.  Also you can watch Julia dutifully learning to shuffle cards.  (I highly recommend actually watching the videos below)

And then I took all of that knowledge and did this:

Seriously though, I *DO* now know how to play poker!

This was the part where I won a lot of imaginary money:

Life List: Poker

And....here's some other pictures?  Yeah....

Life List: Poker

Life List: Poker

Life List: Poker

Anyhow! Life List: Achieved Bitches!

Finally, let me leave you with this: