08 November 2009

Text Conversation of Magic

We are still broken. But it is also still NaBloPoMo. So here we are. This is a conversation via text message from yesterday morn.

Julia: Are you alive my darling??

Jenny: Barely

Julia: Where ARE you??

Jenny: In a gutter? Not oakland. And i just put on pants?

Julia: Oh my god come home

Jenny: Working on it? Aman is talking about a physics professor. How are you?

Julia: What the fuck why do you always text me things that will only make sense after I see you?!? I am good... hungover...

Jenny: Once we figure out where we are wanna get us?

Julia: Oh my god really I have to drive? I think that might be a bad idea. Oooh actually I will bring turducken

Jenny: I meant for car moving purposes? In awhile

Julia: Yes. But don't you want to shower and stuff before we go somewhere? Oh whatever I will come get u whenever u want... WHERE ARE U?

Jenny: In san francisco. South of you. We tried to come home but could not get inside.

Julia: Oh shit I am so sorry... why didn't you call me?

Jenny: I thought we called you but i was INTOXICATED. Actually we got into building but couldn't get upstairs.

Julia: Next time I will give u keys. So uh WHERE did you guys end up staying? I feel bad.

Jenny: The vagabond inn? Don't feel bad. Buy us breakfast!

Julia: Oh man... deal.

Jenny: Bring me my sunglasses when you come?

Julia: Ok... lemme know when.

Jenny: I don't think I can stand yet... also my giants shirt from my basket.

Julia: Anything else your majesty?

Jenny: No my darling. But ouch.

Julia: YES OUCH. Looking up directions... your hotel is located off many one way streets.

Jenny: Awesome. There's blood on the ceiling here...