03 August 2009

Review: Rock 'N Learn

I was contacted by Rock 'N Learn to review a DVD of my choosing, and I thought, sure why not? The one I selected to review was Alphabet. Gabriel watched for about 30 seconds before declaring that he hated it. The company VERY graciously then sent me Alphabet Circus & Alphabet Exercise to see if they were a better fit. They sat on my shelf (along with the original Alphabet DVD) for a couple weeks, maybe longer. Then one day Gabriel picked out the circus DVD as his night time movie. And he loved it.

He now loves all three of them, although he just sits and watches (I think for the exercise DVD you're supposed to get up and move - he does not). His ability to recognize his letters, along with pairing them with the appropriate sounds, has improved noticeably since he's started watching these.

I find them to be incredibly obnoxious. Like kill me in the BRAIN obnoxious. My least favorite kind of kids' show is the type with real people 'interacting' with their audience (Blue's Clues, The Wiggles, even Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood). And Alphabet Al is a piping, annoying, loud guy interacting and dancing around.

But Gabriel sits still and pays attention FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE DVD, and I'm pretty sure he's learning something besides.

So maybe he just needs headphones.

I have one Alphabet DVD to give away, leave a comment? Tell me you want it? I'll do the drawing on Friday or sometime around there, random.org style.

Disclosure: The DVD's were free, yo.

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  1. My 3 yr old niece would lurve this. I've got this incredibly boring one that They Might Be Giants did, cuz I'm a fanatic. But this one sounds fun. She also is a dancer, and will just bust a move anywhere we go.