16 July 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Turn Ons

A bullet-point list, in no particular order:
  • Backs. Manly muscular backs, soft women's backs. I love backs. Everyone's backs.
  • Hip bones.
  • Lips.
  • Cute outfits (on me).
  • You in an under shirt.
  • Alcohol - I'm a very lovey snuggly grabby happy drunk. Also? Lowered inhibitions. (BlogHers consider yourselves warned)
  • Making out - Should go without say, but I'm very fond of kissing.
  • Compliments - Flattery can get you just about anywhere.
  • Boobs. Duh.
  • Being kissed in unexpected places - The hollow at the base of my neck, behind my ear, my shoulder, the backs of my knees.
  • People who are smarter than me.
  • Music.
  • Erotica.
  • Strong hands.
  • Feeling pretty/hot/sexy.
  • Hard work - Seriously nothing hotter than watching someone hard at work. It just makes me want to distract them.
  • Tattoos - But not ugly/obscene/poorly thought out ones.
  • Flirting.
  • Watching movies/talking/whatever with my head or my legs in your lap.
  • Good cooks.
  • Unexpected physical contact - like an unexpected hand squeeze, or touching my lower back as I walk through a door.
  • Too many people to list. Actors, actresses, musicians, people I know, etc.
EDIT because I read some of the other posts and realized I forgot some stuff:
  • Being told what to do.
  • Talk dirty to me.
  • Having my hair pulled (if you know how to do it right).
  • Watching men think.
  • Fresh showered man smell.
  • Being woken up, because I'm being kissed/fondled/touched.
  • Sex in unexpected places.
  • Fumbling around in the dark trying to be quiet.


  1. Yes!

    All of it please and thank you.

    No more lists like this til I find a new make out buddy hm'kay?

  2. Pretty sure she stole this from my BRAIN.

  3. Ooo, hair pulling and dirty talk. Perhaps I need to go edit my list as well...

  4. yep, yep and yep.

    I totally forgot about watching a man work, manual blue collar working, GOOOODD that is sexy and a turn on...I could watch for days...with interruptions of course.

  5. I cant think of a single thing I would add to that list! But, uh now I gotta wait a half hour until the man gets home....

  6. One time while drunk at a friend's house w/a few friends of hers around that I didn't know, I mentioned the whole "being woken up sexily" thing.

    That night, a guy I didn't know woke me up asking "can I go down on you?" When I said NO FUCKING WAY, he whined, "but you said you like being woken up that way" ... I was like Uh yeah, BY MY HUSBAND.

    I called a cab and left immediately. I was so fortunate that he actually woke me up & asked, instead of just going after me.

  7. RAWR. I totally want to steal this, but that would involve my aunt and cousin finding out, and omg, really? FUCK ME for my cousin snooping and finding out i have a blog. fuck fuck fuck

  8. You're also a very spoony drunk. (I know you said snuggly, but specifically you are VERY SPOONY).

  9. Wow....I totally thought you were sexy before.....now I can't get my laptop to sit level ;)

  10. Oh SHIT. I get it now. I know why I'm drawn to you. I have the SAME... um.... likes.

    Oh hell yes! You DO rock.

    Just wait Grace. The older you get, the better the men get at this shit. they figure it out. Promise!

  11. Jeez louise, great list! Leaves me hot and bothered, though ...

    And I'd like to add: Being touched ever so gently on the shoulders. Friend was giving me a backrub one night and started doing that to my bare shoulders. OH. MY. GOD! I had no idea! I had to tell her to stop doing that unless she wanted to take our friendship to the next level.

    She didn't, and we're both married with children now. Shit ...

  12. Watching men think. That's a good one.

  13. Oh ah...yea...now I am a bit hot and bothered. Too bad the hubby has already gone to work ....

  14. Sounds like a pretty good list there. Wonder if I could steal this sometime? :-)

  15. This is a list I can get behind! I'm so copying this...I'll give you full credit!

  16. hair pulling! yessss!

  17. lol, I didn't read the title was "turn ons" so I was trying to figure out how all of this was related, lol

  18. I'm with you on all of them!

  19. This is a deliciously true to form list. I'm bookmarking this post for future references.

    I'm off now to go look at all your previous posts for pictures and stuff!