19 June 2009

Must Love Gingers

I met Amber in 6th grade. Which was actually not a particularly good year for me. My two friends (I was super popular, I know) had both gone to different schools, and 11 was probably my most physically and socially awkward age regardless.



My kindred pasty-white and befreckled red-headed girl. We make a good matched pair.

Redheads Unite

I feel like 6th grade may have been the only year we actually went to school together? Can that be right? Did you go to Aptos Jr High? I know that when I went to Aptos High, you were in private school, and when I went to private school, you were going to Aptos High.

I've always been pretty sure she was Full Of Awesome.

And she is.

Full Of Awesome.


One of those fabulous people who you always feel comfortable with, even if it's been months or years or whatever. She's funny and adorable and supah fly.

She's always fun.

Plus she's wickedly cute.

Today's her birthday, so I think I can make fun of her and call her old? At least until my birthday.

Bradley Reunion Part 1

Happy Birthday Sugar Sugar!


  1. thank you JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.

  2. Aw...this was so sweet! Happy Birthday Amber! You must be awesome to hang with Miss Grace.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Supah Fly Friend!

  4. I love friends like that. I have one (sort of) - wish I had more! lol. Because they are, truly, Supah Fly.

    Happy Bday Amber! You are adorable, she's right.

  5. I've got a few Gingers in my life, and there's nothing better.

    Happy birthday, Amber!!!

  6. happy birfday to your bestie! :)