17 March 2009

It's National Tie Up Loose Ends Day!

*I'm going to leave my commenting form as is for the time being. I think that if the previous format was NOT giving you problems, this is less convenient. But it lets everyone post. So. More convenient! May change back at some point, because I'm indecisive like that. Whateva!

*My car. Uh yeah. I've alluded to this, but not explained. My car broke down Thursday night when I was driving home from my parents' house. In the middle of nowhere on a back country road. With no cell phone reception. Luckily strangers are kind, and a very lovely couple pushed my car to the side of the road, let me use their superior Verizon touch-screen blackberry, and waited until my brother arrived with a AAA card and a good strong back. My car was driving, and then it was not. Apparently (says the mechanic) it will start, and then after about 20 minutes of driving, just, cut out and be done, and then if you wait like 30 minutes, it will start again. He, and all of his mechanically minded buddies, are stumped. Still don't know what's wrong, will call me when they figure it out to let me know what the minimum bid should be when I sell Gabriel on E-Bay.

*Side effects of car:
**I stayed home, actually at home, all weekend, which I've literally never done.
**I have to wake up 1/2 hour earlier to take the bus in the morning to get Gabriel to school, and then we get downtown 20 minutes before his school opens. This morning we went to coffee. Well, Gabriel got a vanilla steamed milk, but you get the idea.
**I'm running out of groceries.

*Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is my one year anniversary at this job. Which means it's my one year and four day anniversary of living in SC, and my 10 month anniversary of totaling my Really Very Lovely Toyota Matrix.

*Gabriel's going through a Really Unpleasant tantrum throwing phase. And the meltdowns? They are for such LAME things. Such as I don't know where the hat for this Lego guy is perhaps you should look for it. Meltdown! But I'll help you look. No! I don't want you to help me! I just want you to do it! Or last night, we were coloring, and, because I failed to consult my telepathy, I did not realize that Gabriel would be Really! Very! Upset! if I colored my flower red instead of orange! HOW COULD I DO THAT?!?!

*INTERNET PHENOMENON! Readers of Swistle may be aware of the budding INTERNET PHENOMENON, The Chicken Game (<- as explained by Dr. Maureen). Well! This is fabulous! And Dr. Maureen sent me Mr. Pickles! And his brother Mr. Pickles!


Mr. Pickles and his brother, Mr. Pickles!

But hey! I....live with Gabriel. And three-year-olds seem unlikely to follow TCG rules, if'n y'know what I mean. So I have my chickens, neat! But I need to find someone with whom to play who will not come to the immediate conclusion that I Am Insane. This may prove to be tough, as most of my real-life friends don't really cotton to the idea of perpetuating INTERNET PHENOMENA.

*On the subject of MAIL! I also won a superdeeduper prize from Emily at Pretty Crabby. This was...oh a month ago? The main part of the prize was massage oil, which, eh, that's good I guess. But! She also included all this other fabulosity! Like a sample size of the perfect red nail polish from Sephora, and a really fantastic little journal. And lip balm! And a little red robot dude for Gabriel! My honest intention was to photograph all of this when I got it, but it's since been incorporated into my home, and who knows what's what these days. So. Thanks!

*Winnings! I also won this CD at Am I Doing Okay? I think I've maxed out my internet prize winning luck for...awhile. At least.

*I also think I won a book from Literary Menagerie, but I never got it, so now I'm doubting if this is true? I'm fairly certain I won a book from....somewhere. I guess I'll find out when it shows up.

*BlogHer. Is anyone remotely near the Bay Area remotely interested in driving? I REALLY want to get in on this Chevrolet Carpool business! (Otherwise yeah, yeah, I'll fly).

I think? I'm done.


  1. Mather and I had a similar morning today. She really didn't want to go to pre-school (which in turn meant she was really resistant to getting dressed, which, when pushed, turns into an unrelenting tantrum). But we were up pretty early, so I offered to take her to the coffeehouse, which instantly got her putting on clothes and picking out some for me, too.

    So we hung out on the couch at the coffeehouse by the beach, me with my cappucino and she with her lemon-poppyseed muffin that she picked for herself. And after that she was totally happy to go to pre-school.

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  2. I think I need to get back in bed and take a nap after that post.... you've been busy or drinking a lot of caffeinated drinks!

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  3. i really really really hate this comment thingy.
    but i still really like you.

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  4. Yes, well. If you weren't having problems with the old one, this one has significant suckitude. But! If you couldn't comment before, now you can, so hey!

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  5. Just remember when you sell Gabriel on ebay to state your return policy. Or you'll get negative feedback. Such a hassle.

  6. I love the new heading!
    Sorry about your car...and yea, tantrums are great, aren't they?
    Still, even at 41, I find I have tantrums over the silliest things, too!

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  7. The new comment-y thing is weird, but I think I can manage it. I think.
    My point though: I have some of those chickens floating around somewhere in my house. I don't know where they came from, but they are adorably cute and I love them. I think this INTERNET PHENOMENON thing is a terrific idea, and I shall try it with my other half. And perhaps with strangers, too. That sounds like the most fun.

  8. That was a massive post! Meltdowns...ah I take it you have seen my blog and know my how my precious children love to try my patience. I swear the only reason they are sill alive is because they are cute.

  9. I had a comment but then my son came in and I had to explain to him why people can't eat human brains.

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  10. The Pickles Brothers are really cute, but I'm so damn lazy that I didn't click over to check out the rules. Send me one anyway ;)

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