06 January 2009

Bits and Pieces

My mom bought me a fabulously fluffy, obnoxiously hot pink, angora sweater from a thrift store over the weekend. I wore it today and have pink fuzz all over my whole world. It's flaws revealed, the offending thing will be disposed of shortly. I do love how garishly awesome it is though.

I don't like working until seven every night. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

Tights are not pants. Do not wear them as such. Please and thank you.

I can drink a dozen cups of black tea, and it never comes close to the warm buzzy fuzzy awakening of that first cup of coffee in the morning.

My work shirt is "unisex," which actually means that it's a men's shirt that they also order in small sizes. It makes me look like an ungainly bubble.

I haven't had a hair cut since my failed attempt to restore my head to its natural color. My bangs are hovering around the tip of my nose these days. Should I keep 'em or grow 'em out?

I haven't dyed my hair since then either, and, curiously, I don't have any roots. There's a sort of a gradual fade, but that's only if you're me, and spending arguably too much time staring at your head in the bathroom mirror when you really ought to be cooking dinner or folding the laundry. I think my hair has taken on some chameleon aspects. Okay. Should I stay red or return to something other?

For the first time in years, I actually have a void in my shoe wardrobe that legitimately needs to be filled. I've spent 10 years buying shoes that I don't need, purely for the love of the things. Now that I need something, can I find it? I assure you, the answer is no.

In regards to child support, I'm still owed for half of way-back-in-September, along with December, along with January. My finances are stretched pale and thin, and I'm suffering from increasing anxiety.


  1. 1. grow the bangs and go brown for now. i think red is GORGEOUS but very, very hard to do out of the box. red requires a stylist's attention.

    2. I went to Bunny's last weekend and found the FIERCEST pair of boots (of which I am in bad, bad need of). Knee-high, leather, 4 gorgeous button-like rounds on the ankle-ish spot. GOR-GEOUS!!! But obvi, they didn't have my size. I went to ALL the Bunny's in town with no such luck. *sigh* I want to make sweet love to Bunny's!!!

    3. Take that ex of yours to court so they'll force his job to withhold part of his pay to go to you. If nothing else, THREATEN to call an attorney/his job and maybe he'll "find the money." Good for nothin' sack of sperm!

    4. Back to the shoes. The store at the end of Pacific (the Sock Co.???) has a TON of cute (trust me) Earth shoes and adorable Danskos n such (I know, I know, I'm a whore for Dansko).

  2. So your house is a festival of pink, that is awesome and adorable. Angora is tough. I'm sorry to hear work is keeping you so late, hang tight!

  3. I request a photo of you in said sweater prior to its destruction.

  4. Sweet ginger girl!! Do what you need to do now in order to keep your budget where it is. Hair coloring is a bitch and if you're not showing roots and like the color where it is but are just feeling stagnant I vote that you wait until you feel comfortable spending the money to get it done. If it's something that will stress you out you won't be able to enjoy it, besides you can always go back to red soon...because let's face it - you ARE a ginger!! :)

  5. Is there any way they can garnish K's pay for child support? When I was doing payroll there were a bunch of people who had their wages garnished for that.

  6. Ohhh, the fuzzy sweater syndrome. I have two from Gap that I LOVE. Soft, comfy, don't make me feel like I'm stuffed into a sausage casing, and every 3 months or so I forget how much they shed & I wear one. And it's a MESS.

  7. Whenever I read about a man that doesn't pay his child support, I get that anger bubble in my stomach. It sounds so easy to get his wages garnished, but you probably already know that anything court related is always harder than it sounds. Kudos to you for being a tough mommy! Hang in there.

  8. Do you have to wear certain clothes to work? I'm really jealous. My students wear uniforms, and sometimes I think it would be much better if the teachers had to also and avoid the hassle of picking out clothes every day. It sounds like fun to me.

  9. Aww...no pics of you as an ungainly bubble?

    The tights thing? That should be cured right around the same time as world hunger...

  10. Stacy, we have "work shirts" which aren't mandatory or uniforms, but are nice on laundry day.