30 December 2008

Trips to Plan/People to Visit: 2009 Edition

I must get to Portland. My lovey dove Sara(h) has been up there seems like FOREVER. She's my crazy hawt linguist/librarian cohort, and I miss her.

I saw Molly a whopping THREE TIMES in 2008, which was heavenly. I'd like to see her at least once in '09. Somewhere, somehow. This could get spun into any number of imaginary trips, I'm not sure how. But she's on the list.

I miss Benjo (of skinny dipping fame) something fierce and serious. Also? He's in Boston. I've never been, and I wanna go.

Paris is getting married in Colorado in September.

I wish to attend BlogHer 09 in Chicago. I've never even BEEN to Chicago!

Still having a giveaway.


  1. Well. There are possible weddings to see eachother at this year? But there's always the option of you going to Boston to see Benji, and me crashing that party. but other than that, I'm sort of strapped for time/money in 2009. But we always find eachother!

  2. No Germany huh....sigh....guess I'll just have to crash in on you when I get back in a few months!

  3. travel plans are fun. Boston is a great place. I grew up just 15 miles west of there.
    I hope at least some of them come true for you!

  4. whoa... what about Alabama.. and the slummy mummies. We are adorable.... Come see Us.......

  5. Can't wait to see you at another BlogHer this summer! Chicago is awesome, especially in summer.

  6. And Do Not forget India - hey - it could happen - the kids have their rooms pimped out with bunk beds that sleep 3 each - just in case

  7. Oh I'd love to leave the country, and on my list of things to do is a trip to the South, but I don't think 2009 is the year of otherwise.

  8. I'm going to Boston for a day in a couple of weeks... Not for fun, but to have my doctor tell me my brain is broken.


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