26 December 2008

Frustrations and what not

Christmas morning K did indeed arrive at my house well before Gabriel was ready to wake up and be a human. K ended up waking him up once we ran out of things to say to each other. Gabriel loved having his dad over for Christmas, so in that respect it was worth it.

Gabriel was pretty good the whole day through, which I thought was pretty impressive, since Christmas is often such a difficult holiday for little kids what with the toys! presents! excitement! sugar!

K got him a Geo Trax set. There are cool things about it, and Gabriel really likes it. But it can't be taken apart and put away, and we live in a one-bedroom apartment. Toys that can't be put away just...don't work. I simply can't have a plastic train set whose permanent home is my living room floor. I also don't like the way it only goes together in one configuration. Gabe has wooden train tracks, and those can be added to, built on, configured however he pleases, and at the end of it all, picked up and put back in their basket. I've left this out for the past couple days, but it's going to have to go live at K's house if it wants to live.

K is supposedly coming tomorrow morning to take Gabriel for the rest of the weekend, but the check he wrote me for December bounced, leaving me with approximately zero dollars. I've naturally been calling him all day, and he's apparently been using his amazing people skills to avoid me. Now I need him to set that right, but I also need to know about his plans for taking Gabriel. So if he's not calling me, is he not coming? Time will tell I suppose.

I have some lovely pictures of the boys riding their bikes on Christmas, to be uploaded and posted as soon as I can.


  1. No little boy's childhood is complete without a train set.

  2. Sending lots of happy thoughts and love your way!!

  3. I hope K maned up and took Gabriel for the rest of the weekend.

  4. Ouch on the check bounce. That's got to be very stressful and majorly annoying. I hope he makes good!

  5. we'll come beat him up for you if you want. There is alot expected of kids for holidays. Sometimes they come through swimmingly. Other times...NOT!