15 October 2008

Last (but never least) a tiny rant on Prop 8

Neveryoumind the fact that I am ideologically 100% okay with gay marriage, and it very much bothers me that in the great state of California we're trying to take away the ALREADY EARNED right to marriage. My least favorite thing: In Yes on 8 ads, their big point is that, if it fails, your second grader may learn that it's okay for boys to marry boys.

Yeah, well, I'm okay with my son being taught reality and truth, thanks.

There is a woeful lack of No on 8 propaganda.

Dad Gone Mad reminded me that this pisses me off.


  1. Amen to that. I can't wait to see how the vote turns out.

    Aunt Amy
    (A Loralee's Looney Tunes Reader)

  2. YES (as a response to this post. Not a response to your comment trying to prevent me from Renaissance-Faire induced humiliation).

  3. As a Canadian I had no idea what you were talking about so I had to follow the links. My brother is gay and my son who is in 2nd grade knows full well that his two uncles that live together are exactly the same as his uncle and aunt who live together. We dont specifically teach him anything about it and we dont ever tell him anything about a man and a woman or whatever other configuration you want.

  4. This proposition is the sole reason I still vote in California. In fact, I had a panicked moment when I called the Santa Cruz Dept. of Voting today when they couldn't find my paperwork. Aaaahhhh panic ensued!! Problem solved but DON'T GET ME ^%$ING STARTED ON PROP 8!!!!

  5. Well, coming from MA, we seem to be holding strong on this front at least. I have so many gay friends that make my life so much more incredible, more fun, more artistic, more, more, more.

    I can't believe we haven't gotten over the whole "gay thing" as a country. It's pathetic!!!

  6. So, I hail from Utah. VERY conservative state. Salt Lake City? Pretty liberal city and gay friendly. So you already know about the LDS church, I'm sure. They are trying to skirt the whole gay marriage issue directly, but indirectly will support citizens who want to rally together in favor of defining marriage as between a man and a woman only. A group of about 120 Utah citizens have gotten together and raised about $250K to send to California to help fund the ban against gay marriage. The founder of WordPerfect, an openly gay male who lives in Utah, wrote one check in the amount of $1 million and sent it to a group in California fighting for the right for gay marriage. It made front page news here. I cut it out and mailed it to my dad. People need to open their minds and hearts. We are all people. It's important that we love...not WHO we love. Thanks for you post.