01 July 2008

Benadryl does very little to promote higher thought processes

I got bit by a something last night, took a Benadryl, slept for 11 hours, and woke up this morning in a bleary-eyed fog.  Because for me, taking Benadryl is effectively the same thing as cutting up a couple Valium, stirring them into a shot of Nyquil, and chasing it with Codeine cough syrup, and for just a fraction of the cost!  I had one cup of coffee, which got me out of my 'jamas, and a second cup of coffee, which rendered me just barely alert enough to drive.  Now I have my third cup, which hopefully will bring me up to some mildly retarded version of par, and not push me over the edge into giddy and INSANE.  It's a tricky business, using your drugs to cancel each other out, but you'll be glad to know that my something bite was effectively treated, and all swelling and itchiness has been reduced to practically nothing. 
How are you enjoying my daily excuses for my chronic case of stupid?
Friday night, by the way, since you asked, was ideal.  No adventures or crazy stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed my temporary childlessness, had a friend over, drank, watched movies, went to bed late, slept in, did all of those things I never get to do, and had a great time doing them.  Gabriel's dad is taking him this Friday, so I'll have another night to myself, which is practically unheard of, but welcome all the same.
I have Friday off, which is glorious.  Thursday is my sister's birthday, but I'm lacking gift inspiration.  Actually, I have plenty of inspiration, because my sister and I have similar taste so when I need to buy something for her I just go shopping for me.  I just haven't found the time to do the shopping part.  Anyhow.  Thursday, Laura's birthday.  Friday, DAY OFF.  Sunday is my cousin's (poolside) bridal shower, which is great, except for the poolside part.  These are my hot cousins; even their mom looks better in a bikini than I EVER have.  But it'll be fun, and also, interesting.  Interesting is pretty much what I live my life for, ever since my sister convinced Molly to go to a sketchy party with the line, "It'll be interesting, and Molly, don't you want to be a writer??"


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