24 April 2008


Yesterday I met darling Miss Jules for dinner, then picked up James from work (because I'm SO HELPFUL), then went home to my parents' house and to one tautly strung Gabriel, who felt that having me hold him whilst his arms were draped around my mother's neck was a PERFECTLY reasonable demand; so reasonable, in fact that he commenced to scream when my mom walked away.  Tragedy.

I just got off the phone with my mom, who let me know that all of my furniture needs to be pulled away from one wall.  
"Can it wait till I have to move all my furniture anyways, because I'm moving?  In two weeks?"  
"No.  You have until tomorrow.  So actually, you have tonight."

I got some new clothes yesterday.  Which I don't need.  Because I'm a consumer whore, and Julia was there goading me on.  But.  They're cute.  And I have a hard time finding cute pants.  So whatever.


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