06 December 2007

Spinning into worse

I went home early yesterday and slept until K brought Gabey home at around 6. Then I stayed up for a whopping two and a half hours before I went back to bed at 8:30. The good news is I feel much, much better. As in, only mildly sick and grouchy. The bad news? I've done NOTHING since I got back in town Tuesday. NOTHING.

Plus, as a sunshiny bonus, I'm going to Idaho(?) tonight (tomorrow morning?) which means I'll likely do NOTHING tonight, I'll be gone all day tomorrow, I'll be grumpy and in no mood on Saturday, and that means...wow. Have you ever seen my house/the inside of my brain when I do nothing for two weeks straight? It's. Not. Good. In fact, it's bad. Very very bad.

So off I go to the Klu Klux Klan capital of the United States, good old Idaho.

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