08 November 2007

I wish I was one of those people who stopped eating when stressed

Monday: Ate reasonably well, went for a walk with Gabriel, moderately successful

Tuesday: Healthy breakfast, then my boss tripled my responsibilities and bought pizza for lunch. But I went to the gym.

Wednesday: Healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, then the Sprint customer service lady made me cry at my desk, in front of my coworkers and students. Darling Keith Darling found me a piece of pink cake, and I ate leftover pizza to recover. But I went to the gym.

Thursday: Healthy breakfast, a coworker brought doughnuts, I abstained. Then I balanced my checkbook and ate three. I went to the gym, but instead of working out, I sat in the hot tub for 40 minutes, and took a 30 minutes shower, so it wasn't really a legitimate trip to the gym.

And Gabriel's running a high fever.

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