30 October 2007

My apologies

I never wrote anything on here about Friday. Thursday, as you may have gathered, I went out. Well FRIDAY was the day of the first ever graduation that I've put together at my new job. And I was....still VERY much intoxicated. Most of the day is fuzzy. I know that I puked when I arrived at work, immediately before coming on stage, and then again immediately afterwards. And I haven't puked from drinking in like 5 years, it's an extremely rare event.

But I don't think anyone noticed, at least, I hope no one did. I felt like I held myself together pretty well, was wearing enough makeup that you couldn't see the bags under my eyes, although afterwards when I went to Stella's she told me I smelled like a bar. So hopefully the alcohol/cigarettes/vomit smell wasn't too overpowering while I was hosting this event.

I didn't feel better until after the graduation when I had a glass of wine, which was heaven.

Anyhow, I think it went okay, but it's definitely going on my list of Bad Choices to Make at a New Job.

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