25 September 2007

I think you know who you are

I haven't called you much for the past three months because I'm not particularly interested in being your friend. I've found that we don't really have too much in common, and, while you seem nice, and I like your baby, we're operating on TOTALLY different levels as far as managing our lives/children/intellect/etc.

But you got in touch with me. You'd recently broken up with your live-in boyfriend, the father of your child who had been supporting you financially for the past two years. Well I know you don't have many female friends, and I've been there. Recently. And I really DO try to be a good, caring person, so I've been going out of my way to reach out to you, make sure you're doing alright, talk to you sometimes.

I don't have much time, because I work in Oroville, and I like to spend my free time with my son, or if he's with his dad, I like to get away from Babyville, so I haven't seen you much. I came over on Sunday. You bribed me with the very generous offer of your washer/dryer; apparently word got out about me being a laundry whore.

And what do you tell me when you get there? Honestly, I'm still in shock.

That you haven't been much interested in being MY friend for the past few months, because you were upset about my decision to leave K. I know you were trying to say that now that you're in the same boat, you're more forgiving, but excuse me. I don't need you to be.

The fact that you could POSSIBLY presume to know anything about what goes in a relationship when you are not IN THE RELATIONSHIP just shows an enormous amount of immaturity and lack of insight on your part. When I broke up with K did I come to you for advice? Did I cry on your bedroom floor? No. I told you that I had broken up with my boyfriend, that things were not working out, that we were both a lot happier. What you read into that? I have no idea. What you should have read into it? That I had broken up with my boyfriend, that things were not working out, and that we were both a lot happier. And if you didn't see the reasons on the surface, your natural assumption should have been that I hadn't TOLD you why we broke up, not that there IS NO REASON why we broke up.

Use your brain. I'm hoping that head of yours is more than just a hat stand.

Anyhow, it's taken me a day or two to process the exact enormity of how insulting your statements to me were. At the time they just brushed the surface, I could sort of laugh it off, and when you said it, I honestly wasn't that mad. Then yesterday I was pretty pissed off. Today I've come to the conclusion that I really never wish to speak to you again. It's certainly not worth my time and effort to reach out to someone who judges so baldly. Aren't you a Christian? Aren't you NOT supposed to judge others?

Anyways, I don't have time for you. And I'm done.

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