20 August 2007

As it turns out, sometimes my weekends really ARE fabulous

As evidenced by the last TWO. Santa Barbara was gloriously glorious. I never got around to talking about it because I was pretty crazy busy, but the gist is that Mike and Maile's wedding was beautiful, the food was great, the music fun, Julia stopped through on her drive to L.A., and I bought a pair of gold shoes.

Which lead up to this weekend, where I got to wear my gold shoes. Stella's birthday was Friday, so Saturday was our big "going out" night. We had a big group of people and both looked like rockstars. Although Darci was dressed a little too much just like me, which never ceases to freak me out. Also I met a cute boy, and I love meeting cute boys. Even when it means that I spend all day Sunday broken down from only getting three hours of sleep.

And today. Today was my first day of work. Which included my own business cards and a bouquet of flowers delivered to my desk as a welcome gift. And lunch. What's not to like about a job like that?

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