17 February 2017

Four Things

1. I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Well, I think. I haven't been keeping very good track this time around, plus I've had my due date moved thrice. And it's just sort of hard to remember what fruit your fetus is the size of when you have 1.5yo and an 11yo and a dog and a husband and a full time job. Anyway, pretty sure that's all going as designed. I have the ultrasound where I find out if it's a boy or a girl on March 14th! Oh and I mean, also that's the major anatomy ultrasound to make sure that the baby is developing apace and things are as they should be, which I guess is more important than whether or not it has a penis. EXCEPT THAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE BABY'S SEX ORGANS OKAY. IN FACT I WANT TO KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING.
Speaking of knowing what kind of baby is in there, there's a lot of assumption that since I have two boys, we must be trying for a girl. Well, unless you are having a designer baby and literally actually picking the sex, I don't think it's a good idea to 'try' for a boy OR a girl. In fact, I am of the strong opinion that one should not intentionally get pregnant unless what one is trying for is an alive human person.
HOWEVER AND ALSO, I have two boys, why the fuck would I be having another baby if I didn't like the ones I already had??
Also, this baby, who will be 22mos younger than Everett, because of school year cutoffs will only be one grade apart, and how adorable would two little boys a grade apart be? SO ADORABLE!
I mean, a girl would be great too, I'm here for girls. I just, I am also quite fond of boys. FYI.
If I do have a girl, it makes me want to have a fourth spite baby, just to PROVE that I am not 'trying' for any imaginary gender (sex) completion of my family.

2. Work is a source of stress and upheaval and feelings of under appreciation lately. I don't really want to talk about it, so I won't.

3. Gabriel is taking ukulele lessons and it is 100% the best. He plays You Can Count On Me by Bruno Mars for the baby and the baby COOS at him and it is a god damn delight. I have no regrets about the big space between these two kids. Their relationship is amazing and wonderful.

4. The world is terrifying. I got passports for the kids. I am about two headlines away from hoarding coffee.


  1. I am so in agreement on the ENTIRE trying-for-a-girl/trying-for-a-boy thing.

    I have started hoarding coffee. Also sugar.

  2. After our fourth baby was born, he had to have bloodwork. The nurse asked about our other kids and couldn't believe we had 2 girls and 2 boys. "How did you do that? You should write a book," said the NURSE.

  3. One of my friends mentioned in passing that she was an only child until she was 10, and then her (remarried) parents started having kids. I asked if she was so, so excited and she said "YES. I would carry their pictures around with me at school. I'm still obsessed with them."