21 March 2016

Various Updates (on children, husband)

We are all still here.
How about an update?
Everett is an EXCEPTIONALLY delightful baby.
I have no complaints!
He was six months old on the 20th*. He eats, he nurses, he naps. He wiggles around on the floor (he's not crawling, but he does not stay put). He rolls both ways and easily. He loves his toys and his brother and his dog. He likes his stroller, but only if he's faced forward. He likes to be worn in a carrier, but only on my back. He does not like his car seat, but he tolerates it when provided with ample distractions (toys, or a brother sitting in the back seat with him).
He sounds remarkably like a baby goat. I don't recall other babies who cooed like a pigeon quite like he does. Well on an infant it's quite endearing.

*His 3mo and 6mo "birthdays" (12/20 and 3/20, respectively) both fell on the same day of the week as his ACTUAL (9/20) birthday (a Sunday). I think this must not be how it usually works out. A combination of 30 day months and then leap year? That's not how it NORMALLY works out, correct?
Gabriel has been doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this year.
It's not my idea of a good time (rolling around on the floor trying to physically dominate your opponent), but Gabriel LOVES it.
Here are things that (in my experience) make him love activities:
-special outfit/uniform
-prizes or awards that one can collect and display
-pomp and ceremony and generally taking oneself too seriously
-personal aptitude/ability to excel
-adults who also take activity very seriously
-sanctioned violence
BJJ hits all of these marks quite nicely.
In a way, it's the perfect activity for him.
I am not especially impressed with the price (which is HIGH), but Quentin does all the ferrying about and interfacing with other Jiu-Jitsu adults, and Gabriel loves it, so. We pay the exorbitant costs.
Gabriel is in 4th grade now. He turned 10 in January.
I would consider him to be over scheduled, but he is a kid who really thrives on an abundance of activities.
He is also involved with:
Sewing class, swimming, running club, LEGO Robotics, indoor rock climbing, Physics and Chemistry Club, ceramics class, Cub Scouts
We are not doing Little League this year, thank goodness.
(Edit: I see that I've already posted almost this exact same Gabriel update. At least I'm consistent)
He has a good teacher this year. She's strict but fair, and works a lot of really interesting stuff into her curriculum.
He is quite academically minded, so it suits him.
Ten is an excellent age.
In fact, it might be my favorite age so far.
Gabriel is a delight.
Gabriel and Everett are both delights!
Quentin is doing fairly well. His colostomy reversal surgery is scheduled for Thursday.
This is excellent!
Many things are excellent right now!
No one wants a colostomy bag in their lives, and everyone is happy to see it go.
Quentin is quite nervous, because he hates doctors (which is how we got into this mess, in my opinion), and because anaesthesia terrifies him.
 He's convinced that he's going to die and keeps giving me Life Directives based on these assumptions.
This is not helpful, nor is it a particularly pleasant mindset for one's husband to have.
And honestly Quentin, if you were going to die, it would have been the first time around, when you were having emergency YOU ARE DYING surgery.
Well, Thursday will be here soon enough, and he can prove himself wrong by having surgery and being just fine.
I will be glad to have a husband whose organs work as designed, and he will be glad as well.
Quentin also has an ongoing workers comp case.
Two years ago an industrial ceiling pipe fell (from the ceiling) onto his head, damaging his back.
At work, and on video camera!
Despite all this, his resulting back injury was determined not be work related, and we have been in a lengthy appeals process involving lawyers and headaches.
At his most recent appeals-related examination it was determined that probably the thing that happened at work that hurt his back did in fact happen at work and hurt his back.
So there is still more paperwork and whathaveyou, but it seems that in the near future this should resolve into treatment and a settlement, which will be helpful both to my husband's health and to our finances.
Quentin turns 46 at the end of this month.
Hopefully by his birthday he will be home from the hospital and doing well.
I intended to post updates about work and some other things, but this has gotten long enough, I think.


  1. I am STEAMING over the work injury thing. OMG!! On camera! At work! "Not work-related." AIIIIEEEEEEE

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and sometimes when you don't update for a while or I font check for a while and then I do and you have several posts I get excited because I really like reading your posts. I think I clicked over from Swistle's blog one time because I really like reading her too. And I'm going to comment on a couple posts in one comment instead of several comments. So pumping at work sucks, When I did (8 years ago) I did it in an old office that they could never tell me if anyone else had a key to or used, I always pumped close to the door in a wheely chair because I could stop anyone coming in. really awful, in fact this is partially why I did not breastfeed for an entire year.

    I have only girls, and I often here girls are better while younger, but harder as teenagers. Guess what (this is what I want to tell those people, not you) kids are always hard! yes babies might not be sassy like my preteen but they wake up a million times a night, and sometimes they cry unconsolably and they are hard. My preteen might be sassy but I don't have to get up with her multiple times a night. All kids are hard sometimes.

    Men at work, I am constantly amazed that because I am a woman I am not equal. Like it's 2016 right so why does my reproductive organs have anything to do with my ability at work and my ability to move up? In fact I am currently debating looking for a new job because I feel I have no worth at work with my current boss and part of that is because I am a woman and I am the youngest in my office (at 33, which, really? its not like I'm a kid right out of highschool).
    I would be upset with the doctors office, and I would have let them know when they called me at work to ask permission to vaccinate my kid with my husband.

    I hope surgery went well.

    Hope its not weird that some random stranger just left a huge comment, but again, I really like your blog

    1. Not weird at all :-)
      I'm 33 too! It should not be as young as it sometimes feels when surrounded by old white dudes.