23 April 2014

overpriced skincare shopping, stitch fix, holiday candy

Shopping preoccupations continue. I'm going to talk about overpriced things that I like. Judge, don't judge, whatever.

Awhile back I ordered one of those skincare sampler thingies from Sephora (it's no longer available or I would link to it). It was a good deal for large sized things that I knew I wanted to try, so I bought it! The good news/bad news about that is the things I've tried so far? I over-the-moon love. And the things I LOVE love? OMG they are expensive.
I cannot believe how wonderful and magical this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate stuff is (I'm linking to this gift one because it's the same price as just the exfoliant but with a bonus little sized one, so it's a better deal). It's...$85. For face 2.5 oz of face scrub. But I love it! But it's $85...
The 0.5oz one is the one that came in my sampler, which hey for $40 is seeming like a real bargain!
I also love the Black Label Detox BB Cream that came in this set. I got the 0.66oz size. 1.5oz is $36. Not quite in Somerville territory, but pricey.
I haven't really gotten into the other products yet, but even if  just those two are hits, I got my money's worth. I'll report back if there's anything else worth a recommendation.

I also bought the Sephora mascara sampler, currently sold out so I won't bother linking. I love buying these because you get a handful of travel sized mascaras for the price of one (premium brand) full sized one, and I genuinely prefer travel sized mascaras. They don't dry out or get weird before I use them up, which is the problem I have with full sized mascaras, and feels like a real waste when spending $20 - $25 on something. Plus y'all know I love mascara sampling.

I ALSO bought (but have not yet received and can't report on) the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. It's expensive, but whatever. It's a hobby! I've wanted one of these powders for awhile, and this seemed like a good way to dip my toe in. I mean, if spending $60 is dipping your toe into anything. Questionable.

If you're on the fence about getting a Clarisonic, this set seems like a screaming deal, since it's the cost of just the Clarisonic Aria, but you also get OTHER THINGS. Same with this one, but for the Mia. I mean, if you were going to get one anyways, I would say get one in one of these sets. Because...you get more things. For the same dollars. Anyhow.
I signed up for Stitch Fix! Even though I only kept one item from my first fix, I really, really LOVED getting the mail and trying on. I think my stylist actually did a very good job on picking things that were on point for me, but the fit was off for a couple things. I recommend, but I also HIGHLY recommend putting together a style pinboard on pinterest to link to in your profile. That's...really the only thing I've ever used pinterest for, but I think it was a genuine help in getting good picks from this service, which was exciting because I got to try on items that I really liked, but that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen myself. If you sign up, I have a referral link. Use my referral link! It gives me a credit. I mean, if you want to. That would be cool.

I can't stop eating Reese's peanut butter eggs. They are my favorite seasonal candy. Yesterday I told myself that IF they still had them at Target, THEN I could buy them. And they had them! So...I bought them. Holiday candy weakness.


  1. The Stitch Fix jacket you got is super cute.

  2. I am going to demonstrate the depth of my ignorance ... but what exactly is bb cream? What do I want/need it for? Is it an addition or a substitution for something? How do I evaluate the millions of kinds there seem to be?

    I was tooling around Sephora for my birthday and got so overwhelmed I got NOTHING not even my free gift :(

    1. BB cream is like light coverage foundation SLASH moisturizer SLASH sunscreen. It's a good single use product instead of foundation/sunscreen/lotion whatever, but I also sometimes use it UNDER my foundation if I'm planning on wearing a metric ton of makeup, which I do sometimes, like if I'm getting super dressed up. I would look for one based on your skin (dry, oily, sensitive, etc). And also based on color. Because they tend to be just one tinted color so I've tried some that work with my skin tone and some that simply do not. I don't know if that was more confusing or less.

    2. Super helpful! I am guessing that means I need to take myself to the Sephora and try some out! :)

      I need to gift myself something...