28 January 2014

Throwback blogging, old school style. Et cetera.

I’m declaring 2014 the year of the throwback.
First, I’m blogging.
Like, at all.
Guys that is SO 2007.
Second, when Google tried to bully me into liking Google+ by way of eliminating the google reader, I just stopped having a blog reader at all. Which means that I only read blogs if I think “Huh. I wonder what so-and-so is up to”, then type their URL into my address bar, then actually GO to their blog.
This is…not a likely scenario.
Except I did this EXACT thing the other day, by typing www.swistle.com into my address bar and seeing what was to be seen, and one of the things I saw was a comment from AnneNahm, which reminded me that I really love Anne, which I had forgotten, because I don’t have a reader.
And ANNE was talking about old school blogrolls. Remember those?? You could get lost in someone’s blogroll for HOURS if they had good people in there. That’s how I found so many of my internet people!
I had one until a few too many people emailed me to ask why they weren’t on it and how they had offended me. Then I just deleted the whole thing because it seemed easier.
But Anne is bringing back the blogroll! Do you still blog? Let’s blogroll together. I’m bringing it back.
Starting right now.
I'm gonna make it a page.
Join me. 
If you do a blogroll, or want to bring it back with me, let me know, and I'll keep updating mine until I get distracted.

Also tell me what you do for a reader now, because I need to start keeping up and keeping on and whatever.

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