28 January 2013


Gabriel's birthday was Saturday.
He went to his basketball game in the morning, where his dad met him and took him up until the time of his party in the afternoon.
He had a roller skating party for the second year in a row, which I highly recommend for the following reasons:
- Comparative to other party venues, it's cheap.
- You don't have to clean up before or after.
- There is a built in activity, meaning that you don't have to organize children.
- It is a defined time period.
After that we went clothes shopping, out to dinner, and then home to open his presents from me. Giving Gabriel gifts is deeply pleasing because OH MY GOD MOM THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT I WANTED IT HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I WANTED THIS I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW OH MY GOD I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE THE BEST.
It is a very satisfying response to giving gifts.

While I find that birthdays are very hard on children, and they're often impossible brats, Gabriel was in a good mood and nice and not  insufferable for the entirety of Saturday.
He made up for this by having a very difficult day yesterday.
"Gabriel had a very difficult day yesterday" is parent code for "My child was a tremendous asshole." I firmly believe that at some point ALL parents WANT to beat their children.
What's separating us from them is that instead of throwing a shoe as hard as I could at my son's head, I locked myself in my room for ten minutes while we all Tried To Calm Down.

I went to the grocery store last night and I left Gabriel with my parents (we were taking a break from each other, after I so nobly resisted flinging a shoe at his head).
Because I was Taking A Break, I sat in my car and fiddled for quite some time both before and after the trip to extend it a bit, and I walked up and down every single aisle of the store, instead of just the aisles where I planned to buy things.
Did you know that the 'hispanic foods' aisle includes an entire refrigerator section full of Tampico? I might have put that in the 'frat party' section of the store, if there was such a thing. It would also include red SOLO cups, condoms, and rohypnol.