03 January 2013

Sick Forever

I feel like I've been sick forever. I was off work from 12/20 through to yesterday. In my mind this was to be a glorious two weeks of basking, holiday enjoyment, house fixing, fussing around, and so forth. In reality I got slammed with a head cold followed by a stomach bug followed by the return of the cold but more in the chestal region followed by I think maybe I have the flu.

The flu part is the worst part. I don't get sick very often, or stay sick for very long, and I haven't been this sick or sick for this long in years. Yesterday I spent a good portion of my work day trying Very Hard not to fall asleep.

I am fully aware that sick people shouldn't go to work and contaminate others but I had a moment of morning perkiness yesterday that got me into the office and didn't fall apart until I sat down at my desk. And then I was already AT work, which is really 2/3 of the going to work battle, and work is really far away from my home anyways, so at some point you're there and you're going to stay.

Today I'm at work again. I think that I might be slightly better because I feel less fluey but I also think that I might just be better medicated. It's difficult to tell.

Yesterday I bought DayQuil from Target that expired in July 2010. It is baffling to me that accidentally buying medication that expired 2.5 years ago is even an option. The other things I bought at Target include a space heater, two men's sweaters, fuzzy socks, and sweatpants. In case you were wondering what impulse purchases look like to the infirm.