15 January 2013

A Preponderance of Gifts

So Gabriel's birthday is coming up, and I bought him things.
The following things, specifically, if you are interested, or perhaps searching for what to buy a 7-year-old boy.
If your 7-year-old is like mine.
Which he (or she) might be. 
Sleeping Bag
I bought this over the summer because Gabriel doesn't have a sleeping bag and it seems like the sort of thing that Little Boys Need, but I never gave it to him, and then I didn't give it to him for Christmas either, so now I'm giving it to him for his birthday.
I have very fond memories of tenting up in the field as a kid. We live near some prime tenting fields. We also don't own a tent. Also, it goes nicely with the sleeping bag.
I don't really feel this warrants explanation. I got him the size 5 one cuz that's the size they play with on his basketball team.
The Flight of Dragons
I really, really loved this movie when I was a kid. It is paired in my mind with The Last Unicorn, but the copy at our video rental place was at some point irreparably damaged so I saw this one a lot less and therefore have always coveted it a lot more. This is more of a share-my-childhood-with-my-child gift than anything else. It's about falling into a dragon board game and trying to save the good dragons from the fourth evil dragon brother/emperor/something?? The details are fuzzy.
StarFox 64 3D
Bought this on internet recommendations based on Gabriel's love of Kid Icarus and Lego Star Wars.
No Roses for Harry!
Harry by the Sea
I like to buy Gabriel books, he likes Harry books, I don't mind listening to him read them to me. Boom.
LEGO Space Bug Obliterator
Gabriel has specifically requested Legos for his birthday, and he spent his Christmas money from his great-grandmother on some other parts of this set, and this is his first 'big' Lego set.

I had a lot of fun shopping for Gabriel this year.

I also bought hims some clothes, but he really just needs clothes, so while I'm going to add them to his presents so he can open a great mountain of gifts like the spoiled child that he is, I don't count those as birthday presents so much as things I have to buy my child.