10 May 2012

This is about my closet

Hey we haven't talked about my closet for awhile, have we?
Well here's what I wore today:
What I wore, 5/10/12
Nothing new or special, but I did include bonus chicken earrings, cuz hey.
Why not?
These have been sitting on my mom's windowsill for months. I have no idea whose they are or where they came from.  I am strangely drawn to them.

On Tuesday I got dressed like this:
What I wore, 5/8/12
The other days this week I either went to school in my yoga pants or didn't go at all.
That cropped trench coat was on sale for less than $20 at Old Navy. It is obnoxiously yellow, but that's never stopped me before.

I got one of those WEAR ME 27 DIFFERENT WAYS convertible dresses.
Convertible Dress
You can wear it exactly one way with a bra on.
False advertising.
But it's cute and comfortable and I think it might make me look slimmer which is always a selling point.  It's a skirt with two long strips of fabric sewn to the front. If you have experience with baby carriers, you totally have this.  If not, there might be a learning curve.

I bought this ridiculously short dress from the Target juniors section a few weeks ago.
Polkadot minidress.
Then I wore it out, loved it, and have been on a quest to find more of the same.  I bought this exact one in a sort of 80s-esque floral, and I also go this one:
Junior's Section Prison Dress
It's terrifying to think these are the clothes for our teenaged girls.
The zipper!

These aren't a particularly recent acquisition but I don't think I've showed them off yet:
I got them at Marshall's and they are some of my most versatile work shoes.

I bought some new tube tops from Old Navy because that's a thing I do:
Old Navy Tube Top
Old Navy Tube Top (Target lounge shorts)

And finally (drum roll please)! I bought, and have worn, in public, a bikini. Like the kind that shows your stomach.
There was a point in my life when I vowed that I'd never wear a bikini again.
I look exactly the same now as I did when I made that vow (actually, I'm probably chubbier now), so I'm not sure what changed.
But meh.
It's from the GAP.
GAP bathing suit

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