05 May 2011

Dress Shopping Occasion the First: My Brother's Wedding

I've come upon two occasions this summer for which I actually don't own something appropriate.  Which is....pretty shocking, if you know me, or my closet habits.
So! First event, is my brother's wedding.
Requirement: Floral with a light background.
I own many, many dresses, but it turns out that I own not a single dress that fits this description.
What I've considered so far:
Adrianna Papell Floral Print Party Dress, $118

Adrianna Papell Print Overlay Dress, $138

Maggy London Stretch Cotton Sheath Dress, $118

Adrianna Papell Print Stretch Cotton Sheath Dress, $118

I prefer styles that come in at the waist, kneeish length but I have short legs so not TOO long, I am hoping to stay under $150.
The wedding is not until July 2, so I have plenty of time.
Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

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