14 February 2011

What Do Guys Want for Valentine's Day?

I went out on Saturday.
At the end of the night, walking back to our car, my friend Lisa asked what she should get her husband for Valentine's Day.
I said, "I think guys just want sex. Or food? But mostly sex."
Male response?
"She's definitely not wrong on that one."
Lisa started asking the guys we passed walking down the street, "Hey what do guys want for Valentine's Day?"
Or maybe confused silence.
Then I'd pipe in with "I'm pretty sure they just want sex."
And the guy being surveyed would say, "Yes! That. Definitely."

So here's a list, based on our highly unscientific Saturday night survey:

1.  Sex.
2.  Sex that's somehow different than the sex you normally have.
3.  Really great sex.
4.  Food.
5.  Sex.
6.  Food, then sex.
7.  Sex, then food.
8.  Sex and food.
9.  Sex.
10.  Sex.

Uh....you're welcome?

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