17 February 2011

Dentists and Fat Pants

I was at the dentist yesterday, for a cleaning.
I have to actively keep my tongue from getting fresh with the dental implements. 
The moment I take my whole focus off of What My Tongue Is Doing, even for a second, it totally starts rubbing down whatever tool or hand is currently in my mouth.
Is this just me?
Tell me I'm not the only one.
Lie to me.
I wanted to ask the hygienist yesterday, "How does it feel to have your hands groped by tongues all day?"
But I didn't want things to get awkward.
My fat pants were tight on me this morning, which was.....troubling.
I've gained 7lbs in...not that much time.
I can tell you, absolutely, this is because of all the extra Sitting On My Ass I've been doing, because of school, as well as all the walking I haven't been doing, because I've had to devote my lunch breaks to errands, and ALSO because of all the stress eating I've been doing, because I'm an anxious ball of anxiety wrapped in angst, and I'm not going to feel normal again until my life settles out a little bit.
Fat Pants
Me, this morning, in my fat pants.
I prefer my smaller pants though.
Moving still sucks, and I have spent more hours cleaning my sister's oven than I would have imagined possible.

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