10 January 2011

Wisdom from The Direct Message Files

Direct messages, both sent and received.  Lightly edited for identities, etc. Always relevant.
  • You aren't allowed to swear off contact with your kid b/c of shittiness of the other parent and then whine abt not seeing said kid. At all. Ever.
  • I have a huge HUGE problem w/men who expect girl they dick to also serve as mommy & nursemaid.  Grow a pair.
  • I want to be adored. By someone who does not enrage me. The end.
  • We will cope with liquor and snark. Best coping tools by far.
  • It's hard to maintain a vigilant web presence when naked with company.
  • I am all for the acquisition of inexpensive bacon meats.
  • Even gay men love boobs. Everyone loves boobs. Science.
  • WHO THE FUCK cares? Do it or don't do it, there's no Czar of the Internet making commenting rules.

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