18 August 2010

Oh hi, I'm twelve?

Gabriel's school takes a three week summer break in August, so I've been bouncing him around with different family members and juggling schedules and bribing teenaged brothers and OH MY GOD I am so grateful that I have a full time preschool option for this kid.
The juggling, it drives me mad.
Anyhow! My 13-year-old brother Daniel is "in charge"of Gabriel today (under the umbrella of my mother's supervision).
Last night I stayed over at my parents' house, to avoid an hour and a half of roundtrip commuting this morning.
Last night at my parents' house, I was taking pictures of Daniel, to demonstrate the fact that he's impossible to photograph.
(I'm not really sure how that came about, but it's a well understood phenomenon, and I was just driving it home. With pictures!)
He doesn't just look bad.  He looks like there's something wrong with him.
I didn't upload all of the pictures I took, because he literally begged me not to post the worst ones, and I'm obliging.
There are pictures worse than this and I'm not posting them
Just so you know.
Eyes OPEN, Daniel.
No, no. OPEN.
That's maybe too open.
You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Oh man you guys?
I thought I wanted to make fun of Daniel, but let's make fun of me instead, k?
At 27 years old (shut up, I can still say that for the next two weeks okay?), I think I should resemble a 13 year old boy slightly....less.
Than I do.
That shiny ruffled shirt is the only thing standing between me and my alter-ego as an early adolescent boy.
On second thought, maybe it's the hat....
Oh. Oh I see.


  1. LOL- yep, it's the hat!
    And the last picture of him isn't so bad.....

    my mother is EXACTLY the same. We put the camera on quick click to keep snapping so that hopefully, one of the pics will turn out good. It's like she closes her eyes on purpose--ugh.

    Fun post-

  2. That is some weird gender-defying hat. You look like a boy in it and your brother looks like a lesbian.

  3. ROFL @ Avitable's comment. It is indeed the hat. You do look about 12 though. It's an adorable 12...but it's 12.

  4. Your bro has a great smile, although that last pic is a bit scary...like he's coming to bite ya!

    Be thankful you look that young at 27...means 10 years from now, you'll not look 37.

  5. Hahahahahaha! Spot on.

  6. Did you give that kid pot brownies? I knew it! Why didn't you give me any when we were together?

  7. Bloody hell (excuse me, I am new here). They are pictures of you and your son? You look like his bloomin' sister. I am flabberghasted.

  8. Hi there!
    No it IS my brother! I'm 14 years older than him.

  9. ;p
    Tee Hee. I've had a bit of a problem with eyes being too shut, then too open when I'm trying to keep them open...but the best photo smiles happen when the person is actually laughing. Let him know. ;)