10 August 2010

#blogher10 by the pictures

I had exactly as much fun as you think I had.
Photos presented in roughly some sort of chronological order.
Most of these are mine, some of them are not.
Click throughs lead you to appropriate source.
The Bloggess
Jenny Kissing Jenny
Cleanup Assistance
Dawn sipping from Loter
Holding hands with Dawn-my-Love
Miss Britt
Britt testing the mic.
Times Square
Times Square
Daniel, Emily, Lora, me, Crystal, Kat, Cat, Alan
The tamest of the late night room parties
Teh Hawtness
@califmom and @thebloggess
Jenny, modeling Leah's shoe. And stuff.
For all of your Eden Fantasys needs.
Arm Wrestling
Don't listen to Adam, I totally won.
Our table at the pub.
I'm a vampire?
So my secret's out: I'm a vampire (with The Muskrat).
Best.Picture.Ever (with Briya and Allison)
My roomies (Jules and Lora) - aren't we the CUTEST?
Adam didn't tell me he was gonna do that.
I know how to make Angry Julie not angry anymore.
Tatiana, Maria, Me
At karaoke magic with Tatiana and Maria
Licking the Duchess
The Bitchin Wife
I have a terminal crush on Amy.
The Mominatrix
Kristen's dance-off.
Kissing Kelly
Smooching Mocha
Kissing Heather
Heather is LOVERLY
Kissing Kim
How it's possible that I didn't know Kim? Oy. She's lovely.
blogher 2010 193
Contrary to popular belief, I didn't come to BlogHer as a contracted sex worker.
I bet Kate LOVES this pic. Heehee.
Now. Does anyone have any pictures of me during the DAY? I need proof that I actually attended the conference.


  1. Heh...I didn't actually get any pics of the conference, either. ;)

  2. that times square photo is awesome! also, I've decided if I ever won the lottery, I'm setting up a permanent photo booth. LOVE.

  3. Your Times Square photo is officially my favorite Times Square photo I've seen from the trip.

    Also, I might have audibly said, "Yaaay!" when I came to the pic showing your tattoo, and the one of you and Lotus.

  4. As always, I loved seeing you.


    I loved it. Glad you had a great time!

  6. Fun! Yay!
    And, yes, we ARE the cutest!

  7. I never saw you there until the sun went down. You ARE a vampire! And if you didn't want me to lick your neck, you shouldn't have put chocolate there. I'm a fat guy. I couldn't resist!

  8. Aw, why'd we have to come out for the night of the "tamest" room parties? Boo.

    (Pretending as though the tameness and my presence aren't intrinsically related).

  9. If I could share my access to the private photoset from Thursday, I would. It involves a bathtub. And the discovery by everyone else in the room that I am very, VERY ticklish.
    Friday there was no room party, although karaoke still has me sounding like a shemale sex worker.
    Saturday was the night I took the remaining vodka, dumped it into the remaining cranberry juice at approx. a 2:1 vodka:cranberry ratio, and passed it around like a 40oz.

  10. If you can't share the photos online, perhaps you could provide a tour when we're hanging out sometime.

  11. I loved meeting you, even if I was positive you had no idea who I was at karaoke.

  12. But I DID know who you were! I really did!

  13. I always love your photos. It's like going to all the best parties with you.

  14. Oh my gosh... I thought I spent SO much time with you and look at all these photos of you and everyone else! My sense of time and space is seriously skewed. It was so awesome to hang with you at all and I am looking forward tosome of that smooching and boob-lifting (seems to be your photo thing?) in the future!

  15. You're not wrong, we spent a TON of time together (which was awesome, btw).
    And yeah, I'm a drunk cheek smoocher.
    LOVED hanging out with you pretty lady.

  16. I saw you holding a mic and taking questions. I'll vouch for you. Promise.

  17. But now I know you toooooo !!! YAY !! OMG we are all so AWESOME!!!

  18. Lovely pictures! Thanks for the Eden Fantasys shout-out. :)

  19. Holy smokes...was there a lot of lovin' going on there..you go girl!

  20. These pictures prove you had a positively awesome time. Thank you, incidentally, for picking this one to post of me. I'm certain you had other alternatives that should not be "out there" for the general public.

  21. Um. You're welcome?