13 July 2010

Check this out: Sisterhood of the traveling Dress of Awesome

I bought this dress when I was living in Florence, summer 2002.
It was clearly sized incorrectly as an Italian medio (which is normally the equivalent to an American size 5).
It was marked down and marked down and marked down again, priced at only 15 Euro (at the time the equivalent of $15).
It was the only one, and it fit me, and I bought it, and it was magical.


Yeah my friend James is putting a dollar in my shirt with his teeth. What of it?

I gave it to Julia a couple years ago, because since I've had Gabriel, it fits me sort of like a sausage casing, and I felt it needed to move on to greener pastures.  Up until this weekend, she had never worn it because the straps were too long.
So we reinvented it as a strapless dress, and here we are.

3am Lap Dance
Lapdance, received at 3am, in a hookah bar. We are awesome.

Parking Lot Party
The trunk of my car is very relaxing

Fabulous, no?