11 June 2010

New York City

I come from East Coast people.
Established New England people.
Old timey New York people.
My family first came here on the Mayflower, we've been in New York City since the 1600s. 
Okay, okay.
Anyhow, my grandmother grew up in Brooklyn.
I've been to the East Coast quite a few times, but specifically to NYC only twice as an adult.
Once was a magical day trip with Molly.  It was perfect and glittery and we swung on swings in Central Park and saw the butterflies at the Natural History Museum and ate Italian food and I remember the entire day through the mystical fog of happiness.
Once was with K.Dot, visiting his parents, and we were having....Domestic Troubles....and I ended up getting pneumonia and it was January and MY GOD IN HEAVEN thinking about that trip makes me POSITIVELY SHUDDER.
Although that said: I did go to the MET and Times Square (ick) and Underwood Park (my great-great-grandfather is John T. Underwood of typewriter fame) and the graveyard where my great-great grandparents are buried and we visited family friends in Breezy Point and that trip....I don't regret it.
With my upcoming BlogHer trip, I'd like to tackle some unfulfilled New York City tourism goals (as mentioned on my Life List, numero siete).
For me to be able to say I've SEEN New York City, what do I need to see?  What needs to be on the list, what doesn't, etc.?
Please let me know in the comments so I can start building a plan.