07 June 2010

(10) Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

I enlisted the help of the Ransomed Off crew for this one.
It was foggy, as San Francisco is wont to be.

Foggy Bridge

On the Bridge

It was also windy and also loud.

Loved it.
There were boats! And a foghorn!  OMG!

He was also thrilled because he was allowed to ride in a stroller. I've been making him walk on his own two legs since he turned three, but not for a four mile walk.  I'm not that stupid cruel.

On the Bridge
I didn't really think through the part where I'd be in pictures. 
You can witness my favorite lazy hippie-girl comfy weekend outfit, and dismiss any ideas you had about me being fashionable.
On the Marin side there was sunshine.

Kite Flying/Bridge Walking
There's a bridge in there somewhere....

Kite Flying/Bridge Walking

Kite Flying/Bridge Walking

Of course, we got back to the other side, and the fog had lifted. 
Fog does that sometimes.

Golden Gate Bridge

I loved it, Gabriel loved it.
I don't think Magoo loved it quite so very much, but we made it up to her later with frolicking and kites.

(In a later installment, I'll tell you about the kites)