25 May 2010

Sleep Fisticuffs - Advice Welcome

It's been a struggle, but Gabriel finally, FINALLY sleeps in his own bed.  I'd say about half the time he stays there through to the morning, but if gets up in the night to use the bathroom, he drifts back to sleep in my bed instead of his own.  This is okay, because by the time 3am rolls around, I've had reasonably enough time to starfish around by myself, and since he's just gone pee, the odds of being woken up by a 4-year-old wetting my bed are low.  Also when I wake up in the morning I roll over and see this:

Sleepy Gabey 5/5/10
Gabriel is actually in his own bed here, you'll note the Spider-Man sheets, but you get the idea.

It's a strong selling point.


This sleep business! 

We've generally got it all sorted out, after years of back and forth and struggle and lots of whining on both our parts.

But here's something that's totally not sorted out:
Sometimes Gabriel will sit up and start yelling or crying or just talking or whatever, and still be asleep.  I'm a sleep talker, so I understand, fine.
You wanna know what's not fine?
When Gabriel comes to my bed to sleep, and then, after I've re-deadened to the world, sits bolt upright and punches me in the face.
In his sleep.

Advice is welcome.