09 March 2010

Celebrity Identification

Last weekend my mom and my sister were trying to talk me into coming up to my parents' house and my sister was like, "Jenny I have a really good fluffy young adult fantasy book*. And the latest People Magazine with that ugly woman on the cover."
Me: Kate Gosselin?
My mom: That horrid woman with 42 babies?
My sister: No, no, the whole reason she's famous is that she's ugly.
Me:  Tori Spelling?
My mom:  Sarah Jessica Parker?
My sister:  No, the singer
Me:  Celine Dion?
My mom: Kelly Osbourne?
My sister: No the horse-faced one.
Me: Mariah Carey?
My mom: Amy Winehouse?
My sister: NO. She's old.  And crazy.
My mom: Barbara Streisand?
Me:  Courtney Love?
My sister: NO. Reality TV.
Me and my mom, simultaneously: Susan Boyle??
My sister: YES.
*Fluffy young adult fantasy book IS good, in a fluffy young adult way.  I read it in a day.  Graceling (<--affiliate link).