16 December 2009

Diptych - Light

I'm basically just thieving Kellee's explanation of this project, since it was born of her genius. I'm just the lucky girl that got picked to come along for the ride!
So.  Kellee has been casting about for a creative, different photography project that might serve as inspiration to stretch those photography muscles.  She decided on a collaborative effort in the form of creating diptychs with a partner (I'll pause here if you need to google diptych -- I did).

Kellee's words:
While diptychs are common in art of all forms, in photography it is when two photographs are presented in juxtaposition. These photographs are typically by the same photographer, and generally related in some way – such as showing a flower from two different angles, or a picture of coffee beans next to a mug of steaming coffee.
I thought it might be interesting to come up with a different kind of diptych, one linked through abstract concept only. Why not have two photographers each come up with a photograph while using a single word their guide, then display the results together as a diptych created from the two images.
That sounded like an incredible study on inspiration and the different ways in which we each view the world.
Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with the fact that Kellee asked me to do this with her.  We have a list of concept words for our project, starting this week with Light.