07 October 2009


I can't be sympathetic when any of the following groups of people bitch to me about money:
  • People who make more money and/or are more financially stable than I am.
  • People whose lives are subsidized by their parents.
  • People who made extremely and obviously foolish financial choices, particularly if I specifically told them not to do X THING that got them into said financial situation and they did it anyways
I hate it when people who have publicly viewable social networking profiles express shock and/or disapproval towards the public nature of my blog and 'putting myself out there.' You have a picture of your 34-year-old drunk ass slamming shots of tequila in Tijuana and OH YEAH IT'S LINKED TO YOUR ACTUAL NAME AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY PRIVACY SETTINGS WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I can't relate to stay-at-home-moms with school-aged children who bitch about not having time for themselves.

It bothers me when union-represented employees with killer health care built into their position and guaranteed as such state that they don't think our health care system needs any fixing at all.

I don't understand people who unilaterally hate kids. Do you seriously not recognize that, barring the off chance that you're a cyborg, you started out as a kid? This is the next generation of humanity dumbass, and this is sorta how these things work.

Anything bugging you today?
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