12 August 2009

Today, 12 August

Today. My nephew. Simon is 6. He is in first grade . He can read and swim and ride his bike. He's the oldest member of our next generation. He's a pretty cool dude. Happy Birthday Simon.


Today. My brothers. Today James is a senior in high school. Today Daniel is officially in junior high. How are you both so old? Conversely, how are you both so young? I am baffled in both directions.



  1. Amazing! My brother just turned 14 in June and my sister just turned 16 last Friday... and I'm nowhere near as young as you are. They look like lovely boys :)

  2. My brother (no contact with brother) is in junior high still. It's totes weird.

  3. What a trip...

    Your brothers are cute. Your nephew is adorable!

    Totally get the "so old, so young!" thing...

    Life is weird.