13 August 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - I bathe. Sometimes.

I washed my hair last night for the first time since Saturday. I'd showered in between. Oh wait. On Sunday.


Basically? I shower like four times over the weekend, and maybe once in the middle of the week when my hair starts to look like greasy hunks of gross. It averages out to five or six showers a week!

What's with the weekend showering yo?

I have this stupid curly hair that goes all DREAD LOCKS OF DOOM when you sleep on it, so if I'm going out, I need to shower, cuz I need to get my hair wet, cuz I can't comb through my hair unless it's wet. If I comb my hair dry, I end up with a frizzy lampshade head. And then if I DO go out, I come home smelling like a bar, which means I have to take a shower because I have this weird phobia of my sheets smelling like a bar. And on the EXTREMELY RARE occasions that I get laid, I totally shower afterward because I don't want my bed to smell like S-E-X. When I'm getting some on the regular this is much less of a concern, because S-E-X is no longer a foreign concept. Also if I'm at my parents' house, they have this giant claw foot bathtub, so I take a bath pretty much every time I go there. And I'm slightly more likely to exercise or swim or something on the weekend, which is also a shower situation.


Showers on the weekend? Frequent.

Showers during the week? LESS SO.

I have stupid fucked up ears that get even more fucked up when I get water in them so I often put little pieces of cotton ball in them before I shower so as not to go deaf.

The only face wash I can use without dying a HORRIBLE FACE WASH DEATH OF PAIN (er, without my skin freaking the fuck out) is Cetaphil, so that's what I use. I have a variety of bar soaps and sugar scrubs and body washes and stuff. I receive them as gifts or samples or whatever, and I use whatever I have in my cabinets.

For hair stuff I go to the professional beauty supply store with Stella every time we go to buy hair dye and then she picks out something good and also on sale. Right now I have Paul Mitchell, before that I had...Bedhead? I think? And before that Biolage. I like to switch it up, based on what's on sale.

Conclusions: I bathe irregularly, and only really care about facewash. TraLaLa the end.



  1. Ahhhh - after seeing you in person at BlogHer I can attest to the fact that your hair is lovely And you are just generally gorgeous. You mean you put work into that? Don't we all? And your result is surely better than most people's ;-)

  2. Well,I can say that you don't smell. And you're pretty much filled with awesomeness.

    Also you probably shower more than I do.

  3. I just got out of the shower and smell like flowers and unicorn pee.

  4. Me. Too.

    Also, for a lack of OH THE BURNING MY FACE'S MELTING OFF, I use a plain old bar of goats milk soap and a face cloth. Like, the stuff that comes in the ugliest packaging possible? It rocks.

  5. Wow. Okay...NOW I know WAAAAAAY too much about you...