20 August 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Happy Girlie Times

A Short List Of Things I Like To Do With Girlfriends:

*Aimless shopping. Like the kind where you go to Ross or Target or Kohl's or the Macy's sale racks and just sort of shuffle through to find things you don't really need, but can't pass up for $7. I like the gossiping and the armloads of weird shit that might be cute once you put it on.

*Drinking wine and talking on the phone. In theory, I'd also enjoy drinking wine and gossiping in person, but that's rarely presented as a choice.

*Food. I like to go out to dinner, although again, it rarely happens. Alternatively I like to sit around the kitchen table and eat chips and salsa.
I LOVE going out to breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite going-out-with-friends meal. Bacon and coffee at my fingertips? Yes. Please.

*Hot tubs.

*Dive bars. Dive bars are my favorite kind. Especially the kind with a dartboard. Bonus points if UFC is playing in the background.

*Dancing. This is the other kind of going out that I like to do, and it can not be further from item one. My favorite places to go dancing are usually gay clubs because then I don't have to worry so much about getting accosted in the bathroom, but I also loves me some sleezy hip-hop clubs. The main thing is that the music is good, and I'm intoxicated to the point that I can delude myself into the idea that the dancing is good.

*Coffee. This was my number one going out with girlfriends activity when I was in high school, and old habits die hard. I love coffee shops. Not the Starbucks kind either.

Things I Prefer To Do Alone:

*Waxing. I used to go fairly regularly. And I prefer to go alone.