14 July 2009

Pre BlogHer Post

*Names that I answer to, in no order whatsoever, and with no particular preference:
1. Jenny
2. Jennifer
3. Jen
4. Miss Grace
5. Grace
6. Grace Monkey
7. Jenny Grace
8. Jennifer Grace
9. Hey you
10. Jerkoff
11. Dumbass

*When will I be there?
Wednesday through Sunday beeshes. Anyone else flying out of SJC, into ORD? Maybe we can drunk in the airport together. Or split a cab. Yknow, either way.

*Where am I staying?
At the hotel. On Wednesday night I'm staying with VDog and Mrs. Flinger from Room704. The rest of the weekend I'm staying with Mommy Melee, Mommy Geekology, and Laurin from Laurin and Kelly Talk.

I'm pretty sure I agreed to spend Wednesday night stuffing swag bags for the Room704 party? And drinking. I've been assured of the drinking.
I'm going to spend my Thurs/Fri/Sat evenings going to near as many parties as I can stand.
I'm liveblogging from 115-4 on Friday and for the 1045 & 3pm sessions on Saturday, so Friday night I can't get SO wasteface that I don't get up in time to function in The Day Time.
I plan on spending a lot of time hugging and SQUEEing and OMGOMGILOVEYOU. And pictures of course.
I'm a drunk hugger, and when I get socially anxious I deal with it by overcompensating and becoming insanely outgoing. You can tell me to shut up. I won't be offended I promise.


  1. I can't wait. Can I just say, ahead of time, SQUEE!!!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure that there will be TONS of squeeeeeeing, going on the entire weekend. I'm confident that I will contribute my fair share. LOL

    Can't wait! See you next week!

  3. Have a good time there. That's not my sort of gig, so I'll live vicariously through you.

  4. I'm responsible for at least one of those nicknames. It is, of course, my favorite. AND, I get to see you this week. Then, I can call you Gracemonkey in person. So.

  5. Sounds like a good time. Wish I could be there...but not really! Have fun!

  6. <<< jealousy >>>

  7. Can't wait to meet you!

    Oh, and my BFF's daughter's name is Jenny, so if I have too much to drink myself, I may call you Jenna Muffin. Just sayin'.

  8. Awwwwww. I soo wish I was going!!! Wahhhhh!

  9. Ahhh. Just couldn't afford it this year. Hoping for next year, though! :P
    (and seeing more of you year-round!!!)

  10. How about Jenny From The Block? Jenno Jellatin? Jenta Polenta? Living in Jen (sin)? I will cease and desist now...