29 June 2009

Let's talk about SHOES!

I've noticed a few bloggers making a point of taking a picture of their child(ren) every single day for a year. Well things being what they are, I don't see mine every single day of the year. It turns out his dad gets to see him too. But I wanted to take pictures every day. So I decided to combine my love of pictures with my love of shoes, and ta-da!

365 Days of Shoes. This is only day 11 or something, so we'll see how it goes.

You like?

Shoes, 6/29/09
Shoes, 6/25/09
Shoes, 6/23/09


  1. i do like very much! but the question is-- do you really have 365 pairs of shoes? if so? i am VERY VERY jealous of you!

  2. SHOES!


    He, He I love shoes. Have fun with this.

  3. If I did that, I'd be taking a whole lot of pictures of the same pair of shoes.

  4. Yeah I don't have many shoes either. I could maybe do my bare feet, and see how they look after one year. Or not. I'm lazy.

  5. I hate to shop for clothes but love shopping for shoes. I went to DSW two weeks ago and had to stop at four pairs because they don't have carts there!

  6. Fun! I have committment issues so I'd FAIL at this...but I shall watch your shoes. I like them.

  7. I think I'd prefer 365 days of boobs. :)

  8. i just second what Badass said!

    love your red shoes and the blue tights :)

  9. The red shoes are great. I tend to like sneakers and tevas...I can't wear anything high or dainty. But 365, that should be intereting!

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