06 May 2009

How are you?

I'm not talking about Girl Talk Thursday this week because I'm lazy (I'm lazy enough to know even that I'm not going to write it tomorrow, how do you like them apples). Yeah I said it. Even lazier? I'm literally copy/pasting a novella I wrote for Molly in response to the simple question, "How are you?" (With mild edits to keep myself from getting in trouble):

I've been eating junk food non-stop, and not exercising at all, which isn't exactly a winning combination. I've literally been lying in bed at night and shoving food in my mouth. So I feel fat and gross, but not fat enough or gross enough to stop, because comfort food is called comfort food for a reason, and I've needed a little bit of comforting.

K is supposed to take Gabriel this weekend from Friday at 7pm until Sunday at 6pm. I'm trying to figure out something to do on Sunday that won't make me feel mopey for not having Gabriel on Mother's day. And. While I'm not disputing the fairness of this, or K's right to having Gabey for the whole weekend or anything, I don't think I like the idea of him having Gabe from Friday night all the way to Sunday night. The weekends are our best times together, and usually when K has him on the weekends, I still get to see him, because K will usually just have him for like, exactly 24 hours. When will we go to the park?

Yesterday I bought a bunch of really cute Christmas decorations and crafts that are all high quality and cute for like $1 each from a weird back table in Paper Vision. And X-mas decor for Gabriel's dollhouse. Next Christmas when we're decorating we can decorate his dollhouse too! I squee'd. Also I got nice Valentine's for next year so I actually have Valentine's for Gabriel to hand out next year, because this year I was a total fail at the whole affair. I now feel very prepared and mom-like. I even have a holiday storage bin.

I was on Amazon buying 4-for-3 coloring books for Gabriel because he's been really into coloring lately, so I went ahead and bought two fancy detailed coloring books for myself so I have something to do when he wants me to color with him.

I've been looking at the website for the guy who did Julia's tattoo, and I was thinking about going up to SF to talk to him about my Where the Wild Things Are tattoo that I've always wanted.

One of my friends works at Pixar, and he said he could take me and Gabriel on a tour there sometime. It reminds me of when we went to Pixar for a field trip in high school, and Megan rear-ended Becka, and then students weren't allowed to drive on field trips anymore. I was sitting in the front seat, and I so vividly remember making eye contact with you in the back of Becka's car right before we crashed. Wasn't that Pixar?

In court on Tuesday, the people who were up right before me were arguing because the mom got the son's ears pierced and the dad didn't like it, and the mom kept talking about how much the son loves it, and how it was something he'd really been looking forward to and begging for, and then the judge said, "Yeah, he's two." Perspective is always good.

I bought a little pocket calendar yesterday so I would have one specifically to keep track of Gabriel's schedule and write down the actual times K has him, and $$ I receive, etc., and if you wait until May to buy a 2009 calendar, you have to get the Fabulous Kittens one. I'm hoping that no one is going to judge me by my kitten calendar, even though I would totally judge someone for having it. The good thing about waiting until month five to buy a calendar is that it's only $1.50.

So. I'm fine I guess?

How are you?


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  1. I'm fine. :-)

    Loved your blog post. It's life as it's lived.

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. Isn't it fairly likely that Kimate will consistently take Gabriel for his Full Weekend Time for about, oh, three weekends or so and then start slacking off and taking him for half weekends and then little hour chunks? I'm just basing this hypothesis on how he's been thus far.... And I know that's not great, but at least you'll get more time with your babe.

  3. I love this post.

    Happy Mother's Day sweetie!

  4. A calendar! Thats what I need.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Won't your mom disown you if you get a tattoo?

  6. I like that you bought yourself some coloring books. Isn't it funny how when kids get tired of coloring and move onto something else, the adult will still finish their picture?

    Oh, and are you going to hang your pictures on the refrigerator?

  7. Can we meet you for the Pixar tour? I'll buy lunch. Love the court/perspective story. "He's two". Hilarious.

  8. I wish to buy you a kitten pencil to go with your kitten calender, but I'm just too lazy.

  9. Calendar. Ugh. Would you believe I skipped grade 5?

  10. i want a fancy coloring book for me. that is so much fun! we could be coloring nerds together. oh and a WTWTA tattoo would be AWESOME.

  11. "Santa" used to put a colouring book in everyone's stocking...mine was always pretty cool heehee....it would be wonderful family chill time!

    happy mama's day to you!